Home Demonstration

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Contact us today to invite Martin to perform a full home demo that allows you to experience the difference between your water and our anti-oxidant water. This demo includes:

  • Water tasting session
  • Finding out about our cutting edge filtration units
  • Testing the quality of your existing water
  • Comparing your water with our anti-oxidant water
  • Experience an eye-opening fruit and vegetable cleansing demo
  • Understanding your unit options that can last up to 20 years

Submit your details, or contact us using the information below:

Martin Ball

Mobile: 0404 145 625
Email: martin@sexywater.com.au
Office Address: 926, Albany Highway, East Victoria Park, 6101.

If you have any questions, you can also call us on 0404 145 625


Once you have contacted us about your home demo, please watch the video above as it helps to answer most of the immediate questions people have. We want to ensure our time with you is the most valuable for you and your family.