Whole Home President Water 1 Unit

This is by far and away the best way improve the environment around your home. Everywhere water is used there will be an improvement, all toxins will be energetically neutralized. Structured waste water also helps the environment.

The President Water whole home vortex generator is the perfect foundation for healthy water for your entire home. Plumbing directly into your cold water mains line just any place just after the meter, This is the ultimate way to restore natures balance right around your home or work place. Energizing drinking, cooking, showering, gardening water everyone and everything benefits.

No moving parts
No maintenance
No filter to change


More energy _ improves oxygen (energy) level by 20-30%
Works with filter creating amazing drinking water
Softer, silkier, healthier skin and hair
Happier, healthier pets
Reduces or eliminates calcium hard water build up
Healthier plants _ 27-40% biomass (growth)
Hydrate properly with 30% less water
Hardy plants that are more resistant to drought, heat, and freezing conditions
Increases nutritional value of fruit and vegetables
No moving parts, no filters to replace
5 Year Manufacturers Warranty
Made in Australia

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