Join our water trial - It’s time to feel the difference, help your body to thrive as you experience the benefits of drinking 
Antioxidant Rich Water. 
Change your water... 
          Change your life
Change your water... 
                         Change your life
Why is charged antioxidant hydration so important?
helping remove toxins, anti-ageing, and reduce cell damage to your body.
helping to hydrate you faster without the bloating through small structured molecules.
helping to remove unnecessary metabolic acidic waste from your body.
What is the 14 Day Sexy Water Trial?
  • ​It’s your ability to hydrate your body to improved health. 
  • ​The Sexy Water challenge helps you to experience the difference drinking clean, healthy water will make.
  • ​When you activate your body through optimal antioxidant hydration, you will feel how your body starts working for YOU, instead of you working for your body via sugary foods, stimulants and energy drinks etc. 
How We Compare To Others?
*Please note: These prices are based on the location of Sexy Water Headquarters April 2019.
**From as little as, based on the entry level unit.
After Your Trial... 
Remember... This trial is 100% NO OBLIGATION... The information below is simply to give you an idea of what you are able to choose from when you continue drinking the Antioxidant Rich water. 
Water Club Collection
Collect your Freshly Charged Sexy Water from our location.
From as little as...
per litre.
Your Own Water System
Make your own unlimited supply of Freshly Charged Antioxidant Rich Water.
From as little as...
per litre.
*** Due to TGA (Therapeutic Goods Association of Australia) regulations we are unable to share testimonials of anyone who has experienced health benefits. To be compliant we have removed them and replaced them with ***. Please feel free to do your own research and find testimonials for yourself. ***
I'm so glad I can now give myself and my kids this amazing water. We went from having to buy bottled water to drinking this water which feels like silk and has me craving water again - YAY!!! *** 
- Tamara Jayne
I loved the taste of the water, the cleanliness of my vegetables after washing in it, the cleaning abilities were jaw-dropping, and the way ***. If you have not educated yourself on your drinking water, you must. 
- Lisa Byfield
I attended one of Martins demonstrations last year in December and was astounded by what I learnt. I had always had very dry skin but ***. Thank you for introducing me to this amazing water and the benefits that I am continuing to receive. 
- Karen Shepheard
I know we all must drink at least 2 litres of water a day but sometimes it's a struggle with the taste of the water, even when it is filtered through my refrigerator. After trying antioxidant water I can easily say it is the most cleanest most refreshing water I have ever tried and I have no struggle drinking 2 litres a day. 
- Linda Young
It still took me a fairly long while to appreciate any difference in the taste of the water, but when I finally did, it was huge. I firmly believe it’s the nicest tasting water I’ve ever consumed and my favourite way to drink the water is directly from the machine. I still have that moment every time I have a glass of water when I am amazed at how good the water tastes. In addition to the taste of the water, I have also noticed ***. 
- Brett Snell
Never new water could change the way you feel through the whole day. I can never go back to tap water. This is da bomb! Feel so alive. 
- Emma Tyler
Antioxidant water is the best tasting water I've tried and I'm definitely drinking a lot more water than I normally would. I only drink tea and water, but I've even reduced my tea intake in favour of the water. I've also found an increase in ***. But don't take my word for it....try it for yourself. 
- Sue Daley
I am already feeling I am not ***. My energy levels ***. I drink a lot of hot water and have done for many years, and there is normally a very chemical smell but have not had that awful smell to my water since I have been drinking antioxidant water. I don't have any problems with ***. I am so glad I was introduced to Antioxidant Hydration. 
- Rosa Bacon
I noticed when first drinking antioxidant water that my ***, also when I mixed it with my supplements before and after the gym It mixed a lot better, it had no clumps anymore and also tasted better. 
- Cam Meneghini
Within 2 days of using the water ***. I can't live without this amazing water now! It's made a massive difference to my *** in my day to day life. Thank you Martin for introducing me to this amazing system!" 
- Daniel Colosi
I have been trialling the water now and I am sold! *** I am easily drinking 2-3 litres of the water every day and feel so hydrated. No longer am I waking in the middle of the night to scull a couple of glasses of water. *** Thanks again Martin for this wonderful experience and for all of the information you have provided us with. Education is the best thing we can have to help us make the best choices in regards to our health ! 
- Paula Shepheard
I actually felt the difference immediately, easier to drink and so much better tasting. And the Live Demonstration is just phenomenal! 
 - Therese Maroun
I noticed the taste difference straight away and liked it. It has a much cleaner taste and does not make me feel bloated like normal water. During the trial my husband noticed that *** and we had noticed that the whole family enjoyed drinking the antioxidant water - our girls even preferred it to their normal morning juice. 
- Vanessa Papallo
*** the taste of the water which made drinking water so much easier. My cravings for coffee disappeared and *** so I was very impressed with the whole experience thank you. 
- Toni Innis
There is no going back to tap or bottled water. I felt hydrated after my first glass, the taste was like no other water. I felt ***, and my 11 year old dog Buster prefers it too. 
- Lesley Dow
I've found since starting the Antioxidant Hydration Challenge that the regular problems I've had with ***. The other good thing is that because it tastes good I find I'm drinking more water than I used to and less of other drinks such as diet coke and coffee. I feel it's helping my ***.
- Richard Duncan
Is addictive. It is the only water that can quench my thirst. The taste is amazing, the benefits I noticed included better ***. I wouldn't go back to tap or bottled water. 
- Joanne Small
I would urge anyone to to give the water a go as there is nothing to lose. I have enjoyed increased ***, and it tastes great!!! 
- James Allan
I can't believe the difference the water has made! I was totally sceptical but after trialling it for a few weeks, I can honestly say I could never go back to drinking any other water! *** Anything I can do to make sure I don't go back for round three of ***, I'll do! I know that this is helping to further reduce the *** in the future! Winner!! 
- Mich Clark
I noticed a difference in my ***. I had never been one to notice the taste of chlorine in tap-water. One day, after I had been drinking antioxidant water for a few weeks, I was caught without my water bottle and was forced to drink tap water and the taste of chlorine became very apparent to me. YUCK! Since then I have been hooked! I also spray 6.0pH (beauty water) on my face and body instead of using body creams. I now very rarely ***. Even my dogs love the water!!" 
- Loz Brophy
Sexy Water 2018.